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Bilateral Orchiectomy

As Alara Health Group, we aim to solve our patients’ health problems and improve their quality of life with bilateral orchiectomy surgery. With our expert team and the latest surgical techniques, we offer solutions tailored to the needs of each patient.

What is Bilateral Orchiectomy?

Bilateral orchiectomy is the surgical removal of both testicles. This surgery is usually done to lower hormone levels in the treatment of prostate cancer or to stop testosterone production for transgender women during gender transition. It can also be used to treat conditions such as testicular cancer.

Process Stages

  1. Consultation and Planning: In the first stage, your health condition and the reasons for the surgery are evaluated in a detailed discussion with your doctor. You will be informed about how the surgery will be performed and the possible outcomes.
  2. Surgical Procedure: Bilateral orchiectomy is usually performed under general or local anesthesia. The surgeon makes a small incision in the scrotum and removes both testicles. The procedure time is usually less than 1 hour.
  3. Recovery: The recovery period after surgery varies from person to person. The hospital stay is usually short and most patients are discharged the same day. Full recovery may take several weeks.


  1. Stopping Testosterone Production: Bilateral orchiectomy is an effective way to treat prostate cancer by lowering testosterone levels.

  2. Supporting Gender Transition: This surgery, performed to support hormone therapy for transgender women, helps develop more feminine characteristics by stopping testosterone production.

  3. Cancer Treatment: It can be used in the treatment of conditions such as testicular cancer, preventing the spread of the disease.

Who is it suitable for?

  • Prostate Cancer Patients: Suitable for lowering hormone levels in prostate cancer treatment.

  • Trans Women: Suitable for trans women who want to stop testosterone production during the gender transition process.

  • Testicular Cancer Patients: Suitable for patients for whom testicular cancer treatment is necessary.

  • Patients in Good General Health: General health status must be good before surgery.
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