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As Alara Health Group, we offer comprehensive and individualized solutions for the treatment of obesity. Our goal is to help our patients adopt a healthy lifestyle and reach their ideal weight.

What Do We Offer?

Gastric Sleeves

Sleeve gastrectomy is the process of reducing the volume of the stomach by removing part of it. This operation provides a feeling of satiety by consuming less food and helps permanent weight loss.

Gastric Botox

Gastric Botox is an injection procedure that slows down the stomach muscles, providing a feeling of fullness for longer. It helps weight loss by reducing appetite and offers a fast recovery process.

Gastric Bypass

Gastric bypass is a weight loss surgery performed by reducing the size of the stomach and bypassing part of the small intestine. This method achieves permanent weight loss by reducing food intake and restricting nutrient absorption.

Gastric Balloon Placement

Gastric ballooning is a weight loss method that aims to temporarily reduce the stomach volume thanks to an inflatable balloon placed inside the stomach. This method provides a feeling of satiety by consuming less food and supports weight loss.

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