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Fat Injection

As Alara Health Group, we enable you to achieve volume and fullness in certain parts of your body with fat injection. With our expert team and the latest technologies, we offer solutions suitable for the needs of each patient.

What is Fat Injection?

Fat injection is the process of injecting fat tissue taken from one part of the body into another area to add fullness and volume. This method can be used in areas such as the face, lips, buttocks, hands and breasts. Fat injection improves aesthetic appearance by providing natural and permanent results.

Process Stages

  1. Consultation and Planning: In the first stage, your aesthetic goals and expectations are evaluated in a detailed interview with your doctor. It is determined from which areas fat will be removed and which areas will be injected.
  2. Fat Removal: Fat tissue is removed from certain parts of the body using the liposuction method. This procedure is usually performed on the abdomen, buttocks or thighs.
  3. Fat Processing: The fat tissue is purified through a special process and made ready to be injected.
  4. Fat Injection: The purified fat tissue is carefully injected into the area to be volumized. This procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia or sedation.


  1. Natural and Permanent Results: Fat injection provides a natural fullness and volume. The injected fat tissue becomes part of the body over time.

  2. Double Effect: An aesthetic appearance is achieved with both the thinning of the fat removal area and the plumping of the injected area.

  3. Low Risk: Since the body’s own fat tissue is used, there is no risk of allergic reaction.

Who is it suitable for?

  • Those who want volume and fullness: Suitable for people who want to gain fullness and volume in the face, lips, buttocks or other areas.

  • Those in Good General Health: General health status must be good before the surgery.

  • Those with Realistic Expectations: Suitable for people who have realistic expectations about the results of the procedure.

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