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Genital Bleaching

The external genital area is called the vulva. Genital bleaching is also called “labial whitening” or “vulvar whitening”.

Tarnishing, browning and darkening might occur in the vulva with the effects of estrogen and sunlight. Estrogen mobilizes the cells that release color pigments (melanocytes) in the external genital area with the effect of sunlight, and the color of the region darkens. Whether the area is covered by hair or hairless does not change the effect of UV irradiation. Other than these factors, ageing, hormone treatments, cosmetic or medical topical products, past gynecological operations, polycystic ovary syndrome and genetic predisposition may be listed among the causes of darkening in the external genital area. This condition might lead to loss of self-confidence in the individual and sexual problems at the later stages. This darkening does not have any physical effects on the person. In general, fractional carbon dioxide (CO2) and fractional erbium YAG laser procedures are used for genital area aesthetics.

The laser bleaching procedure takes around 15-20 minutes. Darker parts of the genital area are detected, and the laser is adjusted accordingly. Local anesthetic creams are used before the procedure. Mild sedation might be used for the comfort of the patient. During the procedure, melanocyte cells that are located in the dermis layer of the skin that cause the darkening and produce the pigment melanin are corroded through laser exposure. The laser affects an area of 3-4 mm depth. After the procedure, the individual can immediately go back to her routine life and start feeling the effects of this procedure in around 3-4 weeks. Rarely, blisters might occur.