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Genital Aesthetics

A problem about genital area might lead to sexual function problems in the person or in their sexual partner. After all, sexuality is something experienced by two individuals collectively. A detailed medical history of the individual who would like to have this type of procedure should be obtained. For instance, a woman with an excessively stretched vagina might not be able to get enough sexual pleasure from penetration. Such a case may also create problems for her partner, who would want to feel the pressure of her vagina around his penis. This might lead to the loss of self-confidence in both men and women in time. It might lead to sexual problems. It should be understood that these surgeries are not conducted only for aesthetical reasons, but they are also performed to resolve a functional problem and related sexual problems.

Vaginal Aesthetic Operations

Beauty is one of the desires of every person, and every woman wants to feel beautiful. Therefore, a woman should know her body and perceive beauty as a whole. These surgeries which are becoming more and more common and popular worldwide recently can be conducted on any woman who is not happy with the way their genital area looks. A part of the sexual problems/complications of women is psychological, while sexuality is also affected by functional and aesthetic concerns. Vaginal Aesthetic procedures include different surgeries and non-surgical options such as vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, labia majoraplasty, clitoral hoodoplasty, perineoplasty, genital bleaching, laser vaginal rejuvenation, laser urinary incontinence treatment, G-shot and cystocele and rectocele repairment which can be performed singly or in different combinations based on the patient’s needs.

Penile Aesthetic Operations

The penis represents sexual power for men. Even in historical artifacts, male individuals are mentioned in the context of their penises. Some sexual philosophies (Kama Sutra) also discuss the importance of the size of the penis. There are procedures on the penis that are becoming more and more common worldwide which are performed completely upon the request of the person as in the case of nose jobs (rhinoplasty) or mammaplasty operations. Some such procedures may be listed as penis enlargement, penis thickening, penoscrotal webbing correction, scrotoplasty, micropenis treatment, treatments for disorders of curvature and/or pain during erection (e.g., Peyronie’s disease), surgical treatments for erectile dysfunction, procedures to treat premature ejaculation, circumcision and procedures to fix deformities caused by a botched circumcision.