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The uterus is an organ in which the baby develops during pregnancy. It takes part in the delivery of the baby by contracting during labor. If there is no pregnancy, the layer covering the inside of the uterus (endometrium) is excreted every month in the form of menstrual bleeding. Hysterectomy is a surgical operation that involves removing the uterus. The surgery can be carried out in the form of abdominal, vaginal or laparoscopic hysterectomy.


The patient should walk as early as possible after surgery. Walking will help regulate their blood circulation and help prevent clot development in the veins. If the patient is in the risk group, they will also be given medication to prevent clot development. The patient may continue to feel pain for a few days after surgery. Resting speeds up the recovery process. The vagina must not be disturbed through bathing, sexual intercourse or the use of tampons for six weeks after the surgery. It should not be forgotten that hysterectomy is a major surgical intervention. Before deciding on the surgery, think once again about your own condition, other treatment options and how hysterectomy can affect you.