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According to the World Physical Therapy Confederation, Physiotherapy is the field of health science responsible for maintaining, improving and renewing the maximum mobility of individuals throughout their lifetimes. Although the main goal is to improve health and get rid of pain, another primary goal is to prevent, intervene with, protect and maintain the highest level of quality of life. Physiotherapy, which previously consisted of massage, traction and exercise, is developing day by day, and new areas and techniques are added to this field. In Turkey, a physiotherapy doctor is a medical professional who has completed their undergraduate medical education, as well as their specialization education on the postgraduate level in physiotherapy. A physiotherapy technician is a professional that has an undergraduate degree from relevant institutions in physiotherapy. These professionals determine pain and discomfort that may be caused by various reasons such as injury, illness, movement system disorders with special evaluation methods and apply the necessary treatment protocol specified in their field of medicine.

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation


Pelvic floor rehabilitation is a treatment method applied by physiotherapists who are experts in this field. Balanced functioning of the pelvic floor muscles is ensured thanks to various manual therapy techniques, pelvic floor exercises, biofeedback applications and patient training provided by the therapist during the rehabilitation process.


Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga is already a discipline that is utilized for self-healing, but in therapeutic yoga classes, special poses are chosen for people with a certain ailment, and specific areas of the person are dealt with in finer detail. Breathing exercises are chosen to relax these areas and related organs. This discipline aims to reduce symptoms. People who do not have any illness can also choose this type of yoga for a healthy life and for protection from injuries.


Manual Therapy


Manual therapy, one of the oldest applications of medicine, has a very important place in physiotherapy thanks to its thousands of years of history and according to scientific studies today demonstrating its benefits and successful outcomes. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a massage or alternative medicine method. Manual therapy is a completely evidence-based treatment method that uses special techniques applied manually.


Fascial Therapy

The Latin word fascia (fascia) means bandage, band, ribbon or tying together. The fascial system is a 3-dimensional integrated and continuous network from the connections in the inner parts of the skull to the fascia on the sole of the foot, from under our skin to our bones. It connects every cell in the body with its neighboring cell and ensures its communication. Therefore, it is inevitable that a deformation in any part of this network will put detrimental pressure on another part of the body that is very distant. The objective of facial therapy techniques is the relief of pain by restoring the fluidity of the fascial tissue. Physiotherapists, thanks to various techniques and exercise programs, provide relief from pain or dysfunction in patients, as well as utilizing these procedures as a preventive tool against injuries.