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Gastric Sleeves

Sleeve gastrectomy involves removing two-thirds of the stomach. This technique is one of the treatments used to treat severe and morbid obesity. The procedure consists of removing 70% of the stomach using a stapling process over its entire height, that, is 20 to 25 cm. At the end of this intervention, the patient keeps only a “tube” of about 2 cm in diameter and 100 ml in volume. This bariatric operation has two effects on the patient. First of all, it makes it possible to reduce the volume of their stomach so that they significantly reduce the amount of their food intake. Additionally, two-thirds of the stomach removed during the procedure contains a digestive hormone called ghrelin that stimulates appetite. Free from most of such hormones, the patient who has received the operation partly loses their feeling of hunger. The surgery only lasts an hour. The patient is usually discharged on the same day or the next day. The sleeve gastrectomy operation allows patients to lose about 60% of their excess weight in the long term. Unlike gastric bypass, which is more common in individuals prone to snacking and/or suffering from severe diabetes, sleeve gastrectomy is considered in patients ingesting large amounts of food.