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Penis Enlargement Surgery

Unfortunately, especially men who have problems with the size of their penises might experience both material and immaterial losses Every man checks his penis a few times a day. An aesthetical problem about a man’s penis (e.g., regarding length, girth) might lead to problems in his personality, psychological state and sexual functions.

The normal size of a penis is completely up to the person. There are no standard data regarding penis size or thickness. The important thing is the person being in peace with his penis. If he is not, cosmetic surgeries can be used. Since intercourse is possible only with an erect penis, the important thing is the length and girth of the erect penis. A penis with 2-3 cm of length in its non-erect state can erect up to 15-16 cm, or a penis that is 8-9-cm-long when not erect can become 12 cm when erect.

Our specialists have experience in various surgical techniques used for penis enlargement operations. The most successful one is the technique called reverse V-Y plasty and ligamentolysis that is based on the loosening ligaments erecting the penis. Ventral phalloplasty can also be added depending on the condition. Penis enlargement possibilities depend on the person’s anatomy, and last but not least, the thickness of the ligaments. Thicker ligaments allow for a higher rate of enlargement. Abdominal liposuction and suprapubic lipectomy may also be utilized if necessary.