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Vaginismus Treatment

Vaginismus is a disease. The reason we set up this message is because of the misconception of vaginismus, simple hesitation and awkwardness among the public. In this condition, when the penis is about to enter the vagina, the vagina closes itself by contracting involuntarily and does not allow the penis to enter. Severe pain, burning, stinging and aching sensations are experienced in the vagina when the penis can penetrate a little or completely by forcing it in, which should not be done in these cases. Some women may experience excessive panic, fear, inability to breathe or a panic attack when the penis approaches the vagina. Some have the inability to touch their vagina or even want to see the vagina. In some cases, the problem is not the entry of just a penis, but also suppositories used for medical purposes, tampons or even one’s own finger. Fear of gynecological examination and inability to have vaginal ultrasound or smear tests for examination purposes may develop, in addition to discouragement from sexuality and reluctance in trying to have sex. In extreme cases, contractions in the hips, back, shoulders, waist and legs may be encountered. Vaginismus is treated with psychosexual therapy, relaxation techniques that may include mindfulness, breathing and gentle touching exercises, pelvic floor exercises to gain control of the vaginal muscles, sensate focus to increase one’s sexual drive and help relaxation and/or vaginal trainers that are tampon-shaped object at different sizes to help the woman gradually get used to having something put into her vagina.


 Not every patient has the same type or severity of symptoms.