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Rhinoplasty, which involves reshaping the nose and giving it an aesthetically pleasing appearance, is one of the most commonly performed surgeries. In addition to aesthetic reasons, some people turn to rhinoplasty to solve their medical nasal problems.

The performance of surgery on the patient’s nose by an experienced surgeon, the preoperative and postoperative care that is provided and the success level of the surgeon are the main factor for guaranteeing excellent results. The exact result is usually seen after one year, but sometimes, it can only be seen after a few years depending on the patient’s individual characteristics. In rhinoplasty, both the bone and the cartilage structures are reshaped, the structures that are too large are reduced, and the missing or collapsed structures are widened or enlarged by additional tissue. In the meantime, the structures narrowing the respiratory tract, septal deviations (curvatures) and septal deficiency or wing sediments in particular, are corrected. It should be kept in mind that it takes time for each patient to get a new nose shape after surgery.