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Mesotherapy is a new word in modern cosmetology. In our time of progress in cosmetology, there is every chance to maintain good skin regardless of age. Plastic surgery is not the only way out, and one has to try many methods offered by modern medicine first. The mesotherapy procedure, that is, the injection of specific substances or mixtures up to six millimeters deep in contact with the skin, comes to the rescue. These substances can be vitamins, microelements and amino acids. The rejuvenating mesotherapy technique is applied in cases of skin ageing, pigmented spots, acne, stretched skin and much more. Before the procedure, it is required to pass an allergy test. To preserve the results, the mesotherapy session should be performed regularly, at least once every year. For the face region, seven sessions (once every week) will be normal, and then, the patient will need to preserve the result monthly. For the body, the recommended number of sessions is ten. Mesotherapy involves painful sensations. It would not be fair to say these sensations are intolerable, but nor are they pleasant. Of course, analgesic gels are used in the procedure. It is better not to be exposed to direct sunlight a few days after the mesotherapy procedure is over, not to apply decorative cosmetics and not to have a bath. It is important to note that mesotherapy sessions must be carried out only by a licensed doctor who understands how materials used act on the body. There is also no-injection version of mesotherapy, which refers to electrophoresis, which helps inject the cocktail into the deep layers of the skin.