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Butt Aesthetics

The buttocks are perhaps the most remarkable, the most prominent figures in the female body. Long legs, a slim waist, a taut and flat abdomen, a steep butt that does not move sideways are the most important elements that support this image. Butt aesthetics (hip aesthetics) surgery is a safe operation preferred by many women who want to have a tighter, rounded and raised look, as well as a younger and curvier appearance.

All procedures for the hips and buttocks can be grouped under the title of butt aesthetics. The aim is to shape and raise the butt and remove the excess in the hips.

The procedure to be performed aesthetic operations on the buttocks varies according to the patient’s condition, needs and expectations. Applicable procedures include butt lifting, reducing the effects of excess weight and age on the inner and outer hips and tightening the buttocks. If there is no problem of sagging in the hips of the person, butt lifting can be performed by using just liposuction, fat injection or filling methods.