Kızlarpınarı Mh. Uğurlu Sk. No:3 Alara Medical Plaza, Alanya, Antalya
Dt. Fazıl Ünal

Dt. Fazıl Ünal


Dentist Fazıl Ünal, who was born in Germany in 1975, graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Dentistry in 2002.

He started his career as the founding partner of Dent-Med Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic in Ankara, and continued his professional life in Alanya Dr Call Polyclinic since 2008.

He established the Trquoise Working Group with a group of friends in 2002 and gave courses and seminars on anterior composite restorations - color perception in anterior and posterior composite restorations - Digital dental photographs in different cities in Turkey.

He has attended many courses at home and abroad. His areas of interest include anterior composite restorations, porcelain lamina restorations, smile design and Digital dental photography.

Fazıl Ünal, who is married with two children, continues his professional life at Alara Health Group.