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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Male sexual dysfunction can be defined as the inability of the penis to reach its erect state or to maintain erection. Erectile dysfunction causes conditions such as the inability to achieve sexual intercourse at its later stages. This problem, informally known as impotence, must have been going on for at least six months during intercourse or masturbation before it can be officially diagnosed In some cases, the source of the problem may be psychological. Some men may feel emasculated by their partner. This is a situation of concern for many men. In other cases, the problem may be physiological or both physiological and psychological. It is usually seen in men over 40 years of age. Before this age, diabetes, prostate problems, heart diseases, chronic alcoholism, excessive smoking, substance abuse, thyroid gland diseases or hormonal disorders, neurological diseases, high blood pressure and some medications may cause this problem.

The man who cannot perform sexually feels insufficient and experiences anxiety. In this case, sexual therapy is provided for couples. If the problem is physiological, medication is prescribed by a specialist physician.  In general, the problem is solved by the use of such drugs. If the drug is administered together with sex therapy, the result is more effective and achieved in a short time. At the later stages of the condition, drugs are injected into the penis tissue. In some cases, drugs are injected into the urinary tract. Operations called penile prostheses are also used in these treatments if necessary.