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Treatment for Penile Curvature Disorders

Penis shape may differ from one person to another. A slight deviation of the penis towards the right or the left when erect is normal, but penis that has excessive deviation from its straight state when erect may create problems in terms of health, aesthetics and sexual function. Such a condition may be inherited (congenital curving of the penis) or acquired (Peyronie’s disease).

Laceration in the envelope surrounding the corpus cavernous (structure maintaining the blood flow in the penis) called the tunica albuginea occurs as a result of these traumas, and a fibrosis plaque is formed during the healing period of the tunica albuginea.

In Peyronie’s disease, sometimes, the curvature might be too visible, can make sexual intercourse impossible, and this disturbs the partner of the person. It is a progressive disease.

It’s necessary to know the stage of the disease first for the treatment Knowing the stage of the disease is significant in terms of treatment selection, because it has been reported that the symptoms can disappear spontaneously in some patients, while they progress in about 50% of patients.

Oral medication, injections, surgery, penile implants and other methods can be preferred to fix the problem based on the stage of the disorder.