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Composite Tissue Transfer

This procedure is one of our least preferred methods. In this process, it should be kept in mind that tissues obtained from other people or cadavers are transplanted into the patient’s penis. The success rate of this procedure is also lower than that of fat injection.


Regardless of which one of the three aforementioned penile girth enhancement methods is used, the operation will take 1 to 2 hours. The form of anesthesia depends on the doctor’s preference and the patient’s request. Penile girth enhancement is one of the procedures that should be applied with caution, whatever the case. We offer ideal solutions based on the demands of our valued patients. However, there are some options that need to be considered after the thickening process.


After the operation, the patient must be kept under observation for a day. Sexual intercourse must be avoided for a 1-month period. For a short time after the procedure, swelling and redness may be observed in the fat donor area. If deemed necessary, additional medication will be provided. The patient should not expect the operation to show its effect immediately, and our doctors will inform the patient in detail about the process.