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IV Theraphy

Intravenous (IV) therapy is a method that protects the individual’s health and allows them to be energetic, strengthens their muscles, increases their performance, makes their skin beautiful and renews their cells, strengthens their hair and nails, accelerates their metabolism and affects their healthy weight loss process, provides protection against inflammation, balances their serotonin and dopamine levels, helps dizziness and balance complaints, reduces the symptoms of chronic fatigue, protects the body against toxins increases the body’s ability to fight viruses and bacteria, has a detox effect that supports their organs, helps relieve emotional symptoms and helps them take control of the ailments of conditions such as autism.


It is an effective method in the treatment of prostate inflammation, ovary inflammation, Fallopian tube problems, cystitis, urinary tract infections and infertility. The agent used in the typical IV therapy includes the ingredients of glutathione, ascorbic acid, zinc, amino acids, folic acid, vitamins B5, B6, B2, B12, Biotin, vitamin A, vitamin E, magnesium, sodium, copper and alpha-lipoic acid. It should be noted that the contents of this agent are prepared based on the patient’s individual characteristics and needs.