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Female Pubic Liposuction

The female pubis area is a region below the abdomen and in the upper genital area. Excess fat sometimes accumulates in this area and creates an aesthetically unpleasant curve at an undesired position. A person who is not comfortable with this shape may want to avoid wearing clothes that make this area noticeable and become self-conscious. This accumulation of fat occurs due to ageing, genetics, excess fibrous tissue or excess fat. VASER and laser liposuction can flatten the pubis region in just 1 hour by removing the excess fat under local anesthesia supported by sedation. Sometimes, this procedure is performed simultaneously with labia majora fat filling, where the excess fat extracted from the pubis region can be transferred to the labia majora. This procedure does not have any side effects or complications, and the patient can be discharged on the same day and walk comfortably at her normal pace 2 hours after the procedure.