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Full Body Lift

In overweight individuals, a significant increase in the volume of the skin and subcutaneous adipose tissue will occur in addition to muscle relaxation and skin elasticity. Although the amount of these tissues is significantly reduced after weight loss, skin, subcutaneous adipose tissue and regional muscles are often not sufficiently recovered. The elastic fibers of the enlarged skin are separated from one another and often form deep unseen cracks.

After gaining weight, abdominal fat accumulation, loose muscles, as well as the fall/flattening of the buttocks and loosening of the legs and skin, are frequently encountered conditions. In full body shaping operations, in addition to the abdomen, the excess in the mons-pubis, buttock and upper leg side areas is removed, and the leg is stretched with a circular incision extending from the front to the back in such a way that the scar is in the bikini area. With this procedure called body lifting, the whole body is stretched in one session.