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Integrative Dietary Approaches

Functional medicine is a holistic approach. It deals with the whole rather than a specific part. When a dysfunction has occurred in a biological system of the person, this situation has led to the loss of the system’s function to protect its own metabolism, which is necessary for the survival of the organism, and thus, its harmony with other organs has been impaired, functional medicine focuses on the root of the problem. Functional nutrition and functional nutritional dietetics are parts of the field of functional medicine. If there is a problem in the health of the person at any point, the functional nutritionist or functional nutrition dietician prepares nutrition protocols to recover the health of the intestinal system, which is found to be directly related to the health of the person.

In this process, foods containing allergens and leading to intolerance are removed from the diet. It is ensured that parasites and fungi in the intestines are removed, the quantity of harmful microorganisms that grow in the intestine is reduced, and the quantity of beneficial microorganisms is increased, the intestinal wall and intestinal villi are improved, the intestine is restored to its healthy state, the detox capacity of the liver and kidneys is increased, the hormonal system is balanced. Depending on these, the emotional state of the patient is also improved, and a clearer mental state is achieved. With nutrition protocols tailored for different diseases, the progression of the disease can be slowed down or eliminated. After recovering health, nutrition protocols that enable the body to live and function in a healthy state are prepared to maintain a healthy life in the long term and prevent diseases.