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Integrative Pscychology

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a psychotherapy method that emerged with the application of scientific principles developed on the basis of scientific findings in the field of psychology and psychopathology. It mainly focuses on the current problems of the person, it is limited in time, and it mostly emphasizes problem-solving. Of course, CBT aims at not only solving the current problems of individuals but also teaching them specific skills that they can use to solve their problems throughout their lives. These skills include noticing distorted thoughts, changing beliefs, establishing new relationships with one’s environment and changing behavior.


Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy


Psychoanalytic psychotherapies are practices that utilize psychoanalytic theory. The effect of the past and the acceptance of the existence of unconscious processes in the development of problems are the basic assumptions of these therapy procedures. The aim of psychoanalytic psychotherapy is to raise unconscious contradictions to the level of consciousness and reach a solution.


Emotion-Focused Therapy

Emotion-focused therapy advocates the view that emotional change is necessary for a permanent or continuous change that ensures the development and wellbeing of the person. In this empirical approach, the person is expected to aim to be accepted, expressed, organized, reflected and transformed.


Family and Couples Therapy


Couples and family counseling, where mental and emotional learning is essential in communication and interaction, is actually a form of psychological counseling provided to family members, married individuals or couples that live together. For the purpose of couples counseling in which the therapist focuses on the relationship between the partners rather than the partners themselves, the function of communication between the partners is to rearrange the marital, romantic and/or sexual relationship by increasing empathy and harmony, improve the existing relationship problems and eliminate the behavioral disorders seen in the partners. For this purpose, the therapist evaluates the problem and includes the partners in the problem-solving process. This process provides a transformation for the partners in the management of their past and future communication and relationship processes, as well as solving their current problem.


Sexual Therapy


Sexual therapy is a type of cognitive-behavioral therapy offered to individuals or couples with sexual problems by experienced psychiatrists and psychologists trained in sexual problems. Human behavior and sexuality are affected by physical, psychological and social circumstances. Sexuality is not just limited to the genitals. There are feelings, thoughts and established beliefs about sexuality. It is known that established beliefs can often be erroneous. The physical and psychological characteristics of the person or the interactions of bilateral relations may be effective in the emergence of sexual problems and disorders. Naturally, the recovery process of sexual problems may vary depending on the factors that play a role in their formation. By talking to the person, the factors that reveal the problem and cause it to be settled are examined together.


Hypnotherapy is therapy through hypnosis. It is accepted as a method of psychotherapy in the medical world. Applications of hypnosis techniques practiced in Turkey are being implemented by the Ministry of Health’s approval.


Objective Tests Application 


3A intelligence testCatell 

2A intelligence testAlexander

Practical Ability Intelligence TestPorteus 

Maze Intelligence TestGood

Enough TestAGTE o

Gesell Developmental TestPeabody 

Picture Vocabulary TestMetropolitan 

School Readiness TestBender

 Gestalt Perception TestBenton

 Visual Memory TestDraw

 A PersonStandardized Mini Mental Tests