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Organic Fue Hair Transplantation

“Organic FUE Hair Transplantation” is a hair transplant procedure developed in the INTERNATIONAL AESTHETIC Laboratories. It is based on injecting a mixture of adipose-derived new tissue from the patient’s own body into the scalp area. The recipient area is rejuvenated, and the transplanted graft’s survivability is enhanced with the effect of adipose-derived new tissue injection. The regeneration of cells in the target area prior to FUE transplantation using stromal new tissue results in a higher rate of flourishing, thicker hair follicles. After the operation, the patient has bandages on the donor area that are removed on the 3rd postoperative day. The patient will be notified of some products that need to be used after the operation. The newly transplanted hair begins to fall after the 3rd week, which is a natural process after hair transplantation. New hair will grow from the 3rd month on, and the final results will be seen in 9 months.