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Leg Aesthetics

Today, many women and men pay attention to the thinness, thickness or curves of their legs. While women desire to have long, symmetrical and impressive legs, men want to have muscular legs. The first attempts in leg aesthetics started with bodybuilders in the 1970s. However, techniques, methods and practices about leg aesthetics have changed a lot from those days up to now. As skirt lengths have become shorter, women started to pay more attention to their legs. Although women who complain about their legs try to cover their legs with trousers, all women may want to wear skirts.

An unhealthy diet in childhood, failure to do the right sports and genetic factors may give rise to aesthetic problems in the legs. The purpose in leg aesthetic operations is to make the legs aesthetically appealing, eye-pleasing and attractive. Therefore, in these procedures, the excess tissue volume is reduced, and the lacking areas are filled. As is rhinoplasty or other aesthetic operations, leg aesthetics can be easily applied in different seasons since a special time period is not needed because suitable conditions are always provided.

Except for deformities, whether congenital or acquired, namely injury and tissue defects, men and women are recommended to have this operation at an age over 18 for their mental, psychological and anatomical structures to have developed completely.