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Speech And Voice Therapy

Humans are social beings and need to have a connection with others. One of the most important instruments in this connection is speech. For quality in speaking, the person needs to have a pleasant voice, use the correct words and sentences and have good articulation. The feminine voice has properties like having a higher pitch, the different use of articulators such as the tongue, lips, as well as different emphases on words. The masculine voice also has properties like having a lower pitch in addition to the aforementioned properties. The male anatomy is generally larger than the female anatomy, which makes feminine and masculine speech easily distinguishable from each other in addition to factors other than voice. Our voice, articulation and even body language may differ from time to time and based on our mood or the settings we are in.

For speech and voice therapy, we offer combinations of mind, body and articulation therapies. These therapies consist of in-person sessions, home assignments and exercises. For reaching the best result, it is important to be persistent and follow the therapist’s plan on schedule.