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Jaw Implants

Aesthetic jaw surgery is performed to strengthen a jaw structure which is weak to achieve a proportion balance. Jaw implants are usually applied if the patient’s tooth structure is normal for enlargement operations, and the patient has a normal jaw structure. The jaw implant is placed over the jawbone, and jaw enlargement is performed using an appropriate implant. If the jaw structure of the patient is not too weak, and the jaw and tooth structures are normal, it is the right choice for the patient to have a jaw implant. As with all other implant surgeries, the patient must have a good health status and a strong immune system.

There are different types of implants that are used based on the current shape of the jaw. Surgical intervention can be made under local or general anesthesia according to the joint decision of both the patient and the doctor. The healing process of the patient may vary depending on the method that is applied and whether or not different operations are performed at the same time. In general, if the patient has only a jaw implant surgery, the patient can return home and move easily in the evening of the same day. Depending on the situation, some antibiotics and pain medications are given by the doctor. Additionally, it is the right strategy to avoid extensive and exhaustive activities.