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In achieving the most effective and permanent result with facelift surgery, the age of the patient matters, because after the age of 50, the aged facial skin will have sagged, and it needs to be lifted up to create a younger look. Skin irregularities, especially in the jawline and neck area, may be quite disturbing for the individual.

During facelift surgery, the neck muscle can also be lifted up. The extra skin can be removed in an appropriate manner. In patients with excess weight, liposuction may be required for the neck. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia, and its duration may vary from 4 to 7 hours. As facelift incisions are placed in areas that are easily camouflaged or hidden with the natural contours of the face, most patients cannot even notice their scars after they have completely healed. In the procedure called a mini facelift, the surgical incision is made only in front of the ear, and the amount of stretching is reduced. The advantage of this is to reduce the scarring and to accelerate healing by performing a smaller operation. This procedure is preferred in patients who have no skin abundance in the jaw region and are between 40 and 50 years of age.

Facelift surgery does not stop aging. Surgical tension is not permanent. Your facial skin will continue to age. 15-20 years later, you might want to have another facelift surgery. On the other hand, the effects of facelift surgery continue years later, and you will continue to look better than the case you did not have facelift surgery.