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Otoplasty is an operation performed to correct the appearance of the auricle. With an otoplasty operation, an overtly visible part of the auricle, which is also known as bat ears, can be corrected. This procedure is also used to repair or change intact or disfigured outer ear structures due to congenital or trauma-like reasons. Bat ears, especially in childhood, cause social and psychological problems. Therefore, it is generally accepted that the best time for otoplasty operations is preschool. Adults may need otoplasty surgery get rid of an appearance that can be perceived as a disadvantage in social environments, to be able to comfortably tie their hair up and expose their ears or to be able to get their hair cut short. The procedure can be performed under general or local anesthesia within a day or require a short hospital stay.

As with all other facial features, one ear is not exactly like the other. The aim of surgery is to ensure that the ears are less pronounced, similar in appearance and more natural-looking.

Since the incisions remain behind the ear, the scar is camouflaged and does not usually cause cosmetic problems.