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The Dermapen method accelerates skin renewal by enabling the body to produce more collagen. It can be used to solve many different problems including the removal of acne and acne scars, treatment of sunspots and scars, to support the self-renewal of the skin in areas with tissue loss, tightening the pores of the skin, repairing bruises around the eyes and removing eye bags, repairing mild wrinkles or sagging in the neck and décolleté area and removal of warts and wounds visible on the skin. The procedure involves the stimulation of the superficial layer of the skin by using a pen-like device that have needle surfaces on the micro level and triggering the production of proteins like collagen and elastin that constitute the main structure of the skin. As it only affects the superficial layer of the skin, it does not lead to the formation of any scar or spots, it is a simple and short procedure and provides results with a healthier, cosmetically more pleasing and rejuvenated skin.