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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a treatment method where a serum obtained from the patient’s own blood with specific preparation steps is transferred to another part of their body. So, PRP is not a drug.

The average density of the clot cells in the serum obtained with PRP is measured as one million per cubic milliliter. In PRP treatment, it is aimed to obtain vital growth factors from clot cells that initiate all wound healing and tissue regeneration processes. The clot cells and growth factors in the serum obtained with the PRP method spread to the deeper tissues of the skin to renew the skin by increasing the formation of new collagen tissue and intercellular matter. Skin issues like wrinkles, depression, lack of flexibility and the results of years of exposure to UV rays, which would normally take a very long time to repair, can be reversed with this procedure.

PRP is not a new method, and its applications are prevalent in the fields of dental implants, aesthetic medicine, orthopedics and treatment of wounds that have failed to heal through normal processes and in a normal time interval. This procedure is used in all areas requiring skin renewal such as the face, neck, dorsal hands and inner legs, arms and scalp. PRP also provides successful results in hair transplants. After 3 to 4 sessions, a permanent effect becomes evident. The patient can return to their normal life in virtually no time after the procedure.