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Arm Liposuction

Arm Liposuction operations are also frequently applied aesthetic operations. They are mostly performed in combination with aesthetic operations for other parts of the body. The region we define as the arm is the body part between the elbow and the shoulder. Thick arms make the female body look coarser and more masculine. It may be quite uncomfortable to have thick arms especially after thinning and reshaping other body parts.

The thickness of the arm area and the procedures to be performed are evaluated based on factors such as the shoulder condition and fat in the back, the armpit area, fat in the sides of the breasts and the bra line, and the thickness of the forearm region and wrists. In some cases, shaping the back and shoulders may be needed.

The thickness of the arm region is usually easily reduced by just liposuction. However, patients with excessive skin sagging will also need stretching. The patient is advised to use an arm corset for up to 1 week. No restriction is necessary regarding arm movements after the operation. Only excessive movements must be avoided. Recovery is completed within 2 weeks. Staying in the hospital for 2 days is sufficient.