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Breast Augmentation

The breasts are very important organs in terms of the femininity of a woman’s figure and her perception of body image. Small breasts may make the individual uncomfortable in terms of aesthetics and clothing options.

Today’s implant technology has developed quite a lot. The implants that are used today can provide a natural appearance of a  breast. Silicone drop implants are popularly known nowadays.

Patients may want or need mammoplasty if their small breasts are causing a problem in their self-image and confidence and in cases of disproportion between their hips and breast size, difficulty wearing clothes, postpartum or weight-related breast shrinkage, sagging breasts and droopy breasts, or asymmetry between the two breasts.

Implants used for breast augmentation are placed into the body primarily through an incision made under the breast, an incision made around the nipple, an incision made in the armpit, or an incision made in the bellybutton. The bellybutton is rarely used because it does not provide good results. Breast implants are placed primarily under the pectoral muscles or over the pectoral muscles.

You should discuss with your doctor the size that you want and for what purpose you want the operation. The Breast augmentation procedure enables the breasts to look fuller and increases their attractiveness, enlarges the size of the breasts, eliminates asymmetry, if there is any, eliminates sagging, if there is any, corrects the proportion of the breast to the other parts of the body, allows the patient to have better-fitting clothes and rebuilds self-confidence.