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Breast Lift and Breast Reduction

In preliminary interviews conducted with our patients, we have understood that the desired form can be achieved by not only breast reduction but also breast lifting in some cases. Therefore, which breast operation is most suitable for the patient can only be decided during examination.

 Breast reduction operations provide both the formation of a beautiful breast structure, and most importantly, a higher quality of life for patients who are eligible.

People with breasts larger than the reasonable ratio, sagging problems in addition to large breasts, people who cannot dress as they please due to large breasts, people with skin issues, back, lower back and postural disorders people with large breasts that prevent them from performing their physical activities, wave-like appearance on the back due to bra use, people who suffer from low self-confidence due to a non-aesthetic look, and people with orthopedic problems like hand numbness, loss of sensation and postural disorders are eligible for breast reduction and breast lifting operations.


In breast reduction operations, where we aim for minimum scarring and the most aesthetically pleasing look, planning must be done with the utmost care, and the patient must get the healthiest and most attractive result. An inverse T incision, which starts under the nipple and extends below the breast vertically, leaves scars that fade in time and become almost completely invisible as they remain under the breast. However, as the breast size of each patient is different, techniques and incision scars will also vary.


Breast reduction operations do not prevent patients from breastfeeding. The procedure targets not the milk glands but the excess fat.