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Aesthetic Feeling

Having beautiful teeth makes everybody feel more confident. Due to the connection properties of aesthetic fillings to the teeth, there is no need to remove excess material from the tooth to provide a support as in amalgam fillings, and it is enough to remove the caries. Composite fillers are placed after preparation on a layer of film, and each layer is cured with a special light. After this process, the composite fillings are shaped and corrected according to the tooth. In the 1960s, these fillings were successfully applied only to the rear teeth as a filling material that is resistant to chewing pressures and less wearable. Later, they started to be used in the front teeth as a result of the further improvement of the material.

Composites can be used not only for restoring caries but also for cosmetic effects by changing the color and shape of the teeth. One of the most important disadvantages of these materials is sensitivity after a while. The colors of the fillings can also be slightly affected by consuming staining materials such as coffee and tea. Contrary to amalgam restorations, composite fillings are completed in one session. After the treatment, the patient can use their teeth normally.